About Us

 FCE leading the fitness industry, Having designing and manufacturing  fitness equipment for last 20 years.

Our product engineers combine science and creativity to design high-quality cardiovascular  products for cardio fitness enthusiasts. FCE  has an country wide  dealer network, which includes fitness specialists and service technicians who can properly demonstrate and thoroughly explain our products. The  equipment not only meets their workout needs, but exceeds their expectations.

Creating durable, quality equipment. Unlike other fitness “manufactures” who outsource parts and subassemblies, FCE Fitness designs and manufactures many parts and subassemblies. By controlling every aspect of component design and manufacturing, FCE assures that your equipment is of maximum quality, high performance, and will have a long product life.

Using innovation and technology to make the best fitness equipment. FCE technology is advanced- from factory to final product. CO2 welding, Computerized inventory management, multiple assembly lines , and dust free  room for electronic testing are used in the FCE factory. These technological innovations ensure a consistent, quality product.  We are  invested to bringing you the best equipment in the  industry. Committed to building a quality, safe product. Conducting business  requires a commitment to product quality and safety.

Top-notch customer service and support. Our commitment to service means your FCE equipment will be installed and set up by authorized, qualified dealers and service technicians. And, in the event that a FCE  product needs service, authorized dealers and/or authorized service providers are available to provide service in order to maintain your warranty.  FCE fitness performs a variety of electrical tests to ensure our products meet the highest standards for safety and compliance.

Exerclimber is the only machine in its category, which has received  CE certified by EUROCERT LONDON  and is exported to France. Europe.