Exerclimber – Exercise Climber is the most complete total body exercise machine. It guides on individual through total body workout. Both the upper and lower body are being exercised simultaneously, a person can achieve an ideal workout in less space and about half the time normally required than any other exercise machine, in full range of motion using all the major muscles. All the muscles of arms, shoulders, back, chest, hip, buttocks and leg are used at the same time. It provides up and down resistance in five levels for more intense workout, with one leg pulls up and the other leg push down. The main exercise is total body climbing but one can also use it as a stepper. It improves overall body muscle tone, which increases your cardio-vascular, aerobic fitness and fast reduction in excess body weight. It motivates people to start, maintain and to improve their level of fitness. People of all level of fitness enjoy a smooth, total body rhythmic workout, free of joint impact. The microprocessor based electronic console gives you continuous feedback of:

  •  Actual feet Climbed
  • Feet climbed rate per minute
  • Calories
  • Actual workout time preset from 1-999 minutes.

The sturdy mild steel chassis with a powerful friction less electromagnetic resistance system, driven by industrial duty chain reduces noise level and increase overall efficiency of the machine with maintenance free life. A circuit breaker is associated on the front console for your paramount safety. The machine is available in single, double and triple station system with wall mounting or self standing version. Exerclimber has been installed throughout India at various resorts, hotels, health clubs, sport training centers, personal/home use.

Exerclimber is CE Certified:

Why Exerclimber?

  • Total Body Exercise
  • Ideal workout in less space & time
  • Provides resistance for intense workout
  • Improves muscle time
  • Increases cardio-vascular fitness
  • Effective in Weight-loss

Exerclimber helps burn more calories than per unit time compared to any other cardio workout like Swimming , running or use of machines like Treadmill, Stepper, Cycles, Elliptical.With the Exerclimber efficiently Exercise multiple muscles including Biceps, Triceps, Glutes, Abs, Hamstring and Calves at the same time. 

Muscles affected during workout using Exerclimber Exerclimber Calorie burn comparion Chart

Console LED digital Display 4 digit 7 Segment 4 Rows is capable of Indicating Actual Feet Climber , Climbed rate per minute, Calories burnt, Time and Resistance Level. Inbuilt Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for your Paramount Safety.

Technical Specifications

  Floor Foot Print Logistics Details Electrical Power Requirement
  Net Wt. in Kgs. Machine Dimension in mm Carton Packed Machine Built in Auto Power Off Function
  Assembles M/c. Length Width Height Gross Wt. in Kgs. Volume in Cft. A.C. Volts Amps Watts Plug Type
SINGLE STATION 65.8 885 985 2275 73.5 7.355 220-250 1.6 352 3 PIN- 5 AMPS
DOUBLE STATION 128.84 1805 965 2320 141.8 17.597 220-250 3.2 704 3 PIN-15 AMPS
TRIPLE STATION 166.26 1860 Triangle 2250 185.3 19.48 220-250 4.8 1056 3 PIN-15 AMPS
International Power 220 V.A.C/110 V.A.C and Plug Power Cord as per Country Standard can be provided as per requirment with MOQ